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Flexibly delivering ecological innovative building technologies.

We have been working to minimise the environmental impact related to building products since 2005. We question the old, developing new technologies to replace it. Our outstanding team pioneers new building technologies, from our initial innovations to the volumetric truck, to the development of our innovative flowing screed and our aggregate remade technology. Our technology makes our planet a better place now and in the future.

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Aggregate Remade

Aggregate Remade Ltd is our latest and most exciting product range. We have developed and protected a unique process to convert hazardous products that are currently being stockpiled and have the potential to pollute our environment into inert aggregate which can then be introduced into concrete production.

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Ready Mix Concrete

The Anglo Scottish Concrete Holdings Ltd is the world's largest operator of volumetric trucks. Founded by Laurie Clark in 1998, the company boasts ready mix concrete plants across Scotland and the UK.

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Concrete Blocks

Aggregate Remade Ltd is a leading provider of innovative construction solutions, specialising in the production and distribution of concrete blocks. Concrete blocks, also known as interlocking concrete blocks, are a versatile and efficient building material used in a variety of construction projects. Here's an overview of the concrete blocks offered by Aggregate Remade Ltd.

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Scottish Cement

Scottish Cement is Scotland's premier cement brand providing high quality cement. Our cement is a multi-purpose high quality cement and we have over 40 years of experience in the cement, concrete, and aggregates industry.

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