Aggregates Remade in Scotland
Concrete Blocks

The concrete blocks produced by Aggregate Remade Ltd are made using high quality aggregates and cement, ensuring durability, strength, and longevity. These blocks are designed to meet rigorous construction standards and can withstand heavy loads and harsh environmental conditions.

The unique interlocking design of concrete blocks allows them to fit together like building blocks, eliminating the need for traditional mortar or adhesive. This feature facilitates rapid construction and dismantling, making them an ideal solution for temporary structures, retaining walls, storage bays, flood defences, and more.

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Aggregates Remade in Scotland
Ready Mix Concrete

Anglo Scottish Concrete Holdings Ltd is the world's largest operator of volumetric trucks. Ready mix concrete is a convenient and efficient construction material that is produced off-site and delivered to construction sites in a ready to use state. It is a blend of cement, aggregates, water, and additives, precisely mixed in a batching plant according to specific proportions and quality standards.

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Aggregates Remade in Scotland
Aggregate Remade

We have developed and protected a unique process to convert hazardous products that are currently being stockpiled and have the potential to pollute our environment into inert aggregate which can then be introduced into concrete production.

Full scale production will be starting within 6 months in Glasgow and quickly being rolled out to Ellesmere Port. Contracts to supply the raw material have already been successfully negotiated. International expansion will begin in North America and partners may be sought in geographical locations that require local knowledge.

Aggregates Remade in Scotland
Scottish Cement

Suppliers of tonne bags of cement in Scotland. Supplier of fully durable concrete production forming a wide range of hardness.

The Scottish Cement chemical composition is in full compliance with sanitary epidemiological regimen in terms of harmful substances requiring the quality of the given building material.

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